Dublin: Your Man, Craic, & Sláinte [5]

Many moons ago, prior to the start of my internship, I was rather concerned about understanding the Irish accent. I’ve come to find that it is not so difficult after all. Admittedly, I did have some minor issues with instructions from my boss, but I attributed that more to his mumbling than his accent. I’ve also learned that Dublin accents are much clearer than many other regions, so that is quite lucky for me.

While the accents didn’t throw me as I expected they would, the slang has been rather interesting. I suppose the first thing I noticed was the constant use of cheers. Cheers is a word I’ve always associated with the UK, but the Irish love it. Rather than say thanks, especially when it’s in a casual setting, cheers had to be used. If someone is actually clinking drinks, though, you do not say cheers. The Irish word for cheers, sláinte, is gleefully shouted.

“Did you have some good crack tonight?” The first time I heard this my eyes widened and I may have gasped under my breath. Did my coworker really just ask me about crack…?! Yes, yes she did. Not crack, though, but rather, craic, the Irish word for fun! Craic is probably the most common word thrown around the work place and streets of Dublin. I cannot help but laugh every time I hear it. I also wholeheartedly laugh when I hear someone referring to a friend, stranger, coworker, literally whoever as your man. Your man can be used to describe anyone and everyone. It does not actually mean that this person is your man. It CANNOT be confused with the popular American phrase “yo mans.” Thinking of the difference is some good craic, though!


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