Final Week | #5

As my time at my internship is coming to an end, I have had quite some time to reflect on the impact of my work on guiding my future career plan and goals.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the mechanistic underlying of the work I have been doing which in turn has cemented my past decisions to pursue a career centered on science.  However, while I previously always thought of math and science as black and white, doing research has opened my eyes to a grayer side.  I have learned that when you are the one asking the questions,  there is not always a definite answer.  To me, this grayer side presents itself as a challenging twist as I have not had a right or wrong answer to compare my scientific results to and guide me along the way. However, that is something I also really enjoy about the research I have been doing.  It feels as though I have been paving my own way for my findings.

Additionally, I really appreciate that my mentor gave me an independent project to complete.  As an undergraduate student, I know that it can sometimes be difficult to find a job opportunity that encompasses more than just busy work as we have much less experience that other candidates.  However, through the independent project I was assigned, I feel as though I was truly able to make the most out of my internship experience and contribute something to the lab before my time there ended.

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