Finding the Perfect Internship at Home | #1

As a San Diego native, my goal this summer was to find an internship that was fun, paid, and located in my hometown. I had spent all year being homesick for the beach, the sunshine, and year-round vacation vibes provided by San Diego. As I embarked on my job application journey, I applied to basically every marketing/advertising/PR/social media job available to me. I hit up Linkedin daily, searching for the perfect opportunity.

I had experience working at an advertising agency last Summer, and wasn’t really impressed with it. The environment was too competitive for me. To change things up, I wanted to find an internship doing marketing in-house, for a brand that really interested me. This would allow me to vary my internship experience and results in a well-rounded career that will help me decide if I want to go for the agency route or not post-college.

I was lucky enough to find an internship at Reef, the beach-centric sandal company popularized by their funky styles in the 80s. Reef has been around for years, popularized by their sandals equipped with a bottle opener under the footbed. This opportunity was entirely different from my previous internships. Last summer, I worked for an advertising agency, specifically working with the Del Mar Racetrack. I was doing a lot of PR and social media work related to event planning and getting more people to attend the races. With Reef, I am working in the action sports/fashion industry, trying to get people to buy more product. This is an entirely different experience, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved coming up with marketing campaigns for Reef. 

I grew up surfing, loving the ocean, and overall appreciating surf culture. Reef is the perfect opportunity for me because I am surrounded by people who appreciate a relaxed work atmosphere, the environment, and selling great products. I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Reef and am definitely going to be sad to see it end!


I'm an incoming Senior from San Diego, CA. This summer, I am working as an ECommerce Marketing Intern at REEF! I'm super excited to learn more about the action sports industry, surf culture, and ECommerce Marketing!

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