First Impressions | #1

Hello! My name is Fiona and I am a rising Junior double majoring in financial math and economics with a computer science minor. I am interning at the regional headquarters of Old National Bank, located in Ann Arbor. For my internship, I will have the opportunity to explore various sectors in the financial industry through job shadowing, interactive projects, and executive mentorship. I will rotate through the retail, commercial and credit, and wealth management departments. To explain the main appeal of this internship, I have to bring it back to the summer before Freshman year.


Just like many undeclared freshmen, I was stressed out about choosing a major. I remember thinking about the overwhelming number of majors LSA offers and wondering how I would be able to find the “perfect” major. All of the upperclassmen that I talked to told me that the best way to figure it out was to take classes that fulfill different distribution requirements first semester, allowing you to discover which subjects you enjoy without worrying about getting behind on graduation requirements. Researching the majors would only do so much; you have to experience it before you can settle. And these students were right! I eventually learned that I enjoyed my economics and math classes the most, and I decided on my majors.


Last summer, I found myself having a comparable crisis. Even though I had found my majors, when it came to post-graduation plans, I was clueless. I had focused solely on deciding my majors, losing sight of how they could fit into a future career. Fortunately, I recognized the parallel between my current stressor and my “major decision” and approached this situation with similar logic. I could keep researching and researching different careers, but I would never know what fits until I try it. However, there is not enough time to have separate internships in every career area that interested me, so I was once again at a loss and afraid of limiting my opportunities by making the wrong choice.


Luckily, I learned about the Old National internship, and it seemed perfect. They wanted students like me who eager to explore different areas of finance, with the goal of diversifying my knowledge over a range of topics and helping me determine my career path.


So far, everyone at my internship has been so welcoming and kind. They encourage us to ask questions and value our feedback, making it clear that they want us to get the most out of our time here this summer. In addition, the employees speak very highly of Old National as an organization, praising the company’s integrity and commitment to giving back to the community.


I am very excited about spending my summer with Old National and look forward to keeping track of my fun experiences on this blog!

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