First Week #1

When I first started I was pretty nervous. I never had a previous internship experience and was determined for this to be a great experience. I applied to Ross internship program and am doing my internship in Sydney, Australia. I am an International Studies major and had yet to have an abroad experience and combining study abroad with interning abroad seemed like the perfect opportunity. The program gives you the opportunity to work in Australia/New Zealand or Singapore/Hong Kong. I overall chose to work in Sydney because it was a huge economic hub and I thought there was a larger chance that I would land an internship I would enjoy in Sydney than in  New Zealand. Also being from the city I thought I would enjoy Sydney more than Auckland (well known city in New Zealand), given that Sydney was a larger well known city.


On the first day, I’ll admit was pretty boring. The main tasks was just reading about the company and reports they had published recently. I had already looked through the website multiple times before my interview, so this was a more in depth overview of the company. My coworkers were extremely friendly and really welcomed me into my position. I was nervous of the tasks that I would be doing and how much excel I would use given I didn’t have much experience with excel.


My main goal was to work with data and gain proficient skills in excel. As the world is becoming increasingly more dependent on data or calculating data, I thought having experience working with data would be a valuable experience. I also am hoping to becoming more proficient in Excel. Excel classes are usually required classes for those in the school of Business or Engineering and are not available to LSA students within their curriculum, so not having such skills I felt really behind and was excited to learn about in my internship experience.

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