Halfway Through My FCA Internship

Today was officially my halfway point through my internship at Fiat-Chrysler. Up to this point, I have really enjoyed my time at FCA! Working in the Purchasing and Procurement department at FCA has truly exposed me to a wide array of experiences and people. As a Purchasing intern, one of my biggest projects was working with other automotive suppliers and helping our buyers with cost-reduction analysis and exploring macroeconomic events like exchange rates and labor/manufacturing costs across the world to identify potential saving targets. I have really enjoyed this project because it really plays into my own undergraduate education as an Economics major and seeing some of the material in Lorch come to fruition through real-life applications!

In addition, I have really enjoyed the ability to interact cross-functionally with other departments. For example, I am often teamed up with our supply chain team to ensure the parts we buy are being coordinated properly in order to build our vehicles on schedule. Overall, I am excited about the progress I have made so far at my internship at FCA. From getting lost finding meeting rooms at headquarters to being a key player in a billion-dollar investment is really incredible looking back at it now!

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