How I Found My Way

At Michigan, as soon as you walk on campus in the fall of your junior year, the pressure is on to find a summer internship with a “prestigious” company. Despite the fact that you are competing with your fellow peers at Michigan, the realm of competition exceeds states lines as you find yourself competing with thousands of students across the country. It is however possible  for the search to become an enjoyable experience- that is if you make it such. For me, it was a rollercoaster of informational interviews, office interviews and rejections. Considering I spent my junior spring term abroad in Australia, the process to find an internship became even more difficult given the time change and the obvious fact  that I was on the other side of the world. For that reason, it took me until late spring to lock down an internship and I believe my persistence and drive led me to landing a phenomenal real estate internship in the heart of Boston. Most importantly, it was on my own networking and Merrit that I found a company that would value me as an intern and for that reason I arrive everyday prepared to assist, learn and most importantly grow.

Luckily I have grown up visiting the greatest city in the nation, Boston, and was thrilled to be able to live and work in such a vibrant city full of young professionals. Boston Realty Advisors, one of the leading commercial brokerage and consulting firms in the region, has not only helped shape my career goals but has also driven me as a student, leader and potential real estate broker through the constant exposure to the real estate industry. Perhaps what excites me the most is the amount I have to learn from each and every individual while I seek their guidance when it comes to entering the competitive industry.


As a Michigan student, I have been able to explore my interest in real estate during the school year as well. The Michigan Real Estate Club through the Ross School of Business has become an avenue for me to connect and gain exposure into the real estate industry.  After being a member for a year and a half, I have been given the opportunity to apply what I have learned from the club to the real world scenarios. The past month at Boston Realty Advisors has been exciting and I am looking forward to the next five weeks with the motivated individuals that make BRA as successful as it is.

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