Innovating to Serve (#1)

Fundraising seems an art form to the organizations that depend on it. Craft a compelling message and promote to the right do-good people, and a legion of businesses, households and grant makers will rise up to cover your expenses.  This, “donation first,” strategy has underperformed relative to standard ROIs. Research shows that nonprofits spend about twice as much as traditional businesses to generate the same financial return.

My mission is to reinvent fundraising. Working in tandem with Habitat for Humanity in Central New Jersey, I am developing solutions to inefficient allocation. I envision an environment in which nonprofits access revenue proportionate to their demonstrated value to paying stakeholders, and private donations appear to organizations as icing on the cake. My goal is to find ways that nonprofits can practice their missions profitably, shifting influence from fickle givers to repeat partners and customers.

One thought on “Innovating to Serve (#1)

  • May 18, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    Joe, it’s always great to read about your experiences, this one departs from your previous entrepreneurial work in mission, but definitely not in scope! Fundraising is challenging, yet rewarding work – As you dive deeper into this experience, remember that you attend a University that is quite successful in the evolving fundraising landscape. If you are in need of an experienced ear/wisdom, the Hub team has quite a few connections within the advancement community.


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