Interning in Style | #1

My goal for this summer was to find an editorial internship located in Baltimore, Maryland, so that I could get some experience working for a print publication while living in a city I’d never spent much time in before. I ended up getting an internship at Baltimore STYLE, a magazine that focuses on local culture, events, arts, and life around Baltimore. I had virtually no journalism experience prior to this internship other than The Michigan Daily, so I was excited to get started with the internship and see what I could learn.

I didn’t know what to expect from the world of a magazine, but from my experience with Baltimore STYLE so far, I ended up at exactly the right place. I work primarily out of an office building, where I do writing for the magazine and make phone calls, but this internship has also had me getting out of the office to explore Baltimore. My very first week, I went to the historic Parkway Theatre for a press release for the upcoming Artscape Festival — my very first press release! I also got to explore areas like Fells Point, a pretty shopping area near Inner Harbor, and Hampden, a neighborhood full of coffee shops and boutiques, while doing research for a piece about popular summer shoe trends. I even got a free ticket to a performance of Shakespeare’s The Tempest in exchange for representing Baltimore STYLE’s sister publication, Baltimore’s Child, at the event. In ways like these, interning at a lifestyle magazine has helped me to learn a lot more about Baltimore as a city and also to get more involved and even enjoy it more while I’m living here. Thanks to experiences like these, I’m more familiar with areas in Baltimore outside of Charles Village (where I live), and I’ve even gone back to them a few times to do further exploring on my own.

So far, I couldn’t be enjoying my internship more. Journalism as I’m experiencing it here is active, fun, and full of variety. One of my goals this summer outside of my internship was to explore Baltimore to the fullest while I was living here, and interning at a style-focused magazine has helped me do just that.

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