My Favorite Event | #2

So far, my favorite event during my internship was the Roberts/Tomlinson wedding weekend.  For three days – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – the Luna Soiree Team pulled off one of our most extravagant and high profile weddings.  The groom was Detroit Lions football player, Laken Tomlinson, and the bride (fellow Wolverine!!!) was Rachel Roberts.  Pictured here is the happy couple, and their photogenic golden retrievers:

Early Friday morning, myself and the team loaded 2 SUV’s full of wedding materials and our luggage, and began a 3-hour trek north to Camp Westminster in Roscommon, Michigan.  The lake was beautiful, the camp was rustic, and we were eager for the event to unfold.  Upon our arrival to Roscommon, we unloaded the vehicles and began organizing the wedding materials.  The whole day was filled with packaging guest gift bags, overseeing tent and dance floor installations, preparing cabins for the wedding party, and setting up the ceremony rehearsal and dinner.  Once dinner had concluded, the Luna Soiree team departed for our hotel and arrived around 11pm.  For the next 4 hours or so, we hung around the hotel pool, talking and getting to know one another.  After a hard day of work, it was so refreshing to have a girl’s night and get to know my coworkers and boss.

Saturday we got up bright and early – it was the wedding day!  A clear-top tent was pitched in the woods, and under it, dozens of tables and chairs.  Ruby Slipper Design delivered flowers in the morning and stayed for several hours until the reception and ceremony spaces were transformed into a fairytale wedding.  Their floral designs are absolutely breathtaking:

The Luna Soiree team worked together to fold over 100 napkins and top off each place setting with a menu card and sprig of lavender.  How delicious does the dinner sound – chicken piccata, garlic herb roasted pork loin, stuffed portabella mushrooms, red skin potatoes, and roasted red pepper + asparagus.  (It tasted as good as it sounds)

Of course, credit is due to the photography + videography team at Visi Productions for capturing the weekend’s most important moments, like cake cutting and the bride and groom’s first dance:

The strawberry and coconut wedding cake was baked by Cake Ambition and entertainment was provided by DJ Mechial, who kept the party going for many, many hours.  Have you ever heard Lil Uzi Vert at a wedding before?  I have.  It was awesome.  DJ Mechial also provided lights that really set the night’s mood:

At this point in the evening, some guests begin leaving and the Luna Soiree team is no longer needed.  We headed back to our hotel and spent a few more hours at the pool as a nightcap.

Sunday morning we headed back to Camp Westminster to help the newlyweds load their vehicles with gifts, extra cake, and other wedding materials.  We also oversaw the tent being brought down and florals being picked up.  Once the camp was back to it’s original state, we embarked on a 3 hour journey back to Ann Arbor.  The weekend was exhausting, but absolutely unforgettable.  It was a joy to plan, design, and coordinate Rachel + Laken’s big day, as well as work with the talented Luna Soiree team and our vendors.  LOVE is why I do what I do.


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