New York State of Mind: Day 1 | #1

It is a dream come true: working in New York City. This summer I am interning at a fashion ecommerce startup called Shoptiques is a market place that connects small boutiques all around the word and gives them an online portal to sell to 35 countries. First day at work was insane but I loved every bit of it. Coming in, I had one major goal which was being able to network and learn from every single employee. Being a startup, that goal wasn’t hard to achieve. On my first day, I was introduced to every employee and got a chance to talk to them personally (well almost every employee). Being the only intern to start this early, I was given a lot of responsibilities. For the first day, I worked directly under the CEO, Olga Vidisheva (honestly, this what I love most about working at a startup – open door policy). First half of the day was getting to know more about the company, business aspect and processes. Being a sales and account management intern, for the second half of the day I focused on research work to expand the company to other countries and the cost associated with it. All in all, it was one hell of a day.


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