Overcoming difficult situations #5

My internship experiences has helped me grow everyday, and I feel more confident with every obstacle I face. One particular challenge that really helped me become a better problem-solver is when I was asked to come in by myself to the office and open the showroom and handle a very important shipping assignment for my company. Since my team was in Italy for an important men’s fashion event, I was asked to come in on the July 4th weekend to handle shipping for one our very important brand’s (Diego M) Fall/Winter collection in order to make space for their Spring/Summer collection. I was responsible for packing 5 boxes of heavy winter coats. I had to handle customs documents for their smooth shipping across the Italian borders. It all went well, and I came back to work a few days after the holidays.


When I returned I was notified that one of the boxes, that I was not responsible for, was wrongly shipped. I panicked initially and had to wait for everyone to finish their calls. It was later told to me that this wasn’t my fault and I was doing what I was told without being given much context. However, I wanted to help with fixing the problem so I made calls to the Italian custom officers and got the mistake rectified with the Border Control and the shipping company. This minor scare and obstacle taught me that I am a good problem solver and that I like to see things till the end, and it made me realize that I have gained a lot of trust and respect in the company that I work for.


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  • July 12, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    Being held responsible for major outcomes in your work place is huge; I am happy to hear the outcome was a success, and that you learned how to grow under pressure! Useful skills to obtain, for sure!


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