Pizza! | #4

While Japanese food is delicious, after being away from home for over two months I have started to crave a lot of American food. Although it is near impossible to find oven-baked macaroni and cheese or pulled pork in Miyagi, my craving for pizza was met today when I had the chance to make and bake some pizza at my internship!

Me focusing on making the pizza round while Hoya tends to the oven

Despite my love for all things pizza, it was my first time stretching pizza dough– something that I found was a lot harder than it looks. After watching my coworker easily handle the dough into a perfectly-shaped circle, I thought that it was going to be a breeze. My hubris was quickly shut-down by my first attempt, as the pizza was shaped closer to a deformed heart than a circle. But it was a lot of fun shaping the dough and trying to get the sauce, cheese, basil, and EVOO all on the pizza before my coworker was done baking them– a challenge I always failed because the oven was so hot that it took approximately two to three minutes per pie.

After twenty-some results of abstract-shaped pizza-making, Hoya told me that I could even try baking the pizza a shot. It was definitely a fun experience using the large wooden paddle to lift the pizza and move it around the oven. It was absolutely mouth-watering watching the dough bubble up and the cheese melt before my eyes. After lifting it out of the oven and presenting it on a tray, it was revealed that my hard work had paid off as it was delicious, and thankfully, round.

my final creation!

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