Summer Internship Blog Post #1

What I hope to accomplish from this internship is technical and personal growth. In terms of technical growth, I hope to improve my Microsoft Excel skills by learning functions such as pivot tables, V Lookup etc.. and apply those functions to help the company simplify and analyze data through reports and tables. Not only do I want to grow in a technical skills sense, but I also want to accomplish personal growth. This growth can come in many ways, whether it be learning how to adapt to a new environment (the workforce) or improving on my communication skills by learning how to speak to business professionals, I hope to grow as an individual and hone in on and develop skills that will be relevant in many facets of my life. What I hope to gain from this experience is that I want to leave this internship knowing more than when I came in. I want to continuously learn and gain knowledge whether it be from my fellow interns or executives at Quicken. I want to shadow different team members and see how individuals in each division live life differently. There is a lot to learn from a company and it all stems from the work culture and what you make of the internship and the opportunities available to you.

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