Summer Internship Blog Post #2

In my first couple weeks at Quicken Loans, I was mind blown by the work culture. On my first day at the internship, I was welcomed with amorosity and the utmost kindness. The first day is called Jump Start, where new interns, or team members, learn about the foundations of the company and the various departments within, as well as about other administrative information. I learned about the ISM’s, which are the principals on which Dan Gilbert, the CEO and Owner of Quicken Loans, built his family of companies. The ISM’s that stuck with me the most were “The inches we need are everywhere around us” and “It’s not about WHO is right, it is about WHAT is right”. The first ISM relates to how I live my life. I believe that everyone should have an end goal, but in order to reach that end goal, one must create and accomplish smaller, realistic goals (inches). As each inch or small goal is reached, the larger, end goal will become more realistic and achievable over time. Quicken Loans also believes that it is the inches that have separated them from their competitors, as it is easy to imitate one thing, but if a company does 1000 things differently, that becomes nearly impossible to imitate. The second ISM stuck with me because I truly believe that if a company has a happy and positive work culture, it will lead to efficient work and higher revenue. I have learned that the Quicken Loans company does not have “individuals” but rather has “teams”. There are no bosses and managers, but there are team leaders. By having this positive, modern work culture, Quicken Loans promotes collaboration and fosters an environment where that allows interns to have as much of a say as team leaders and directors. After being toured around Detroit, I was able to explore my work office, as the colors on the walls, updated technology, and smiles on the team members faces just revealed how happy everyone was to work at Quicken Loans. Not only that, but when I was initially struggling to do the work required of me, even though other interns had lots of work on their plate, they still took time of out their days to slowly teach me how everything was done, such as how I would generate a lead or how I would validate client share. Not only that, but Quicken Loans and its biweekly projects have allowed me to work on different teams and interact with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This has not only taught me to be an adaptive individual, as I believe that I can adapt to any personality type or environment, but it also allowed me to improve and foster my collaboration skills. I know how to work with others and bounce off ideas, but when needed, I can step up and organize/lead a group towards reaching all deadlines and goals. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my work at Quicken Loans because of the various intern focused events, the positive work culture, and the hard and soft skills I have acquired through the daily required work.

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