The Early Stages of Planning my First Event

While this is technically my third week at my internship, the 4th of July last week made my schedule very irregular, so I will consider this week to be my second full week. I am feeling very good about how things are going so far. I have gotten to know my coworkers very well and I feel respected and appreciated whenever I’m in the office. I am also excited that my main supervisor has started giving me more responsibilities. Myself and the other summer intern are planning an outreach event for young adults or teenagers 16 and older with Type 1 Diabetes. Since we both fall into this age group, we feel very connected to the event and inspired to make it the best we can. Yesterday we spent most of the day on the phone with venues trying to work out a nonprofit package pricing due to our small budget. I do not have much experience with event planning so even just this small step has helped me understand how much work and time goes into creating meaningful events. This morning we finalized our date, time, and location which is very exciting. With it only being a month away, we are working on inviting as many people as we can to hopefully get a great turnout. I am very excited to see where this will take us and I look forward to learning more about nonprofit event planning.

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