Veni, vidi, vici | #5

At Buzzvil, anyone is encouraged to open a small in-house class on any subject during lunch hours. The diversity of classes ranges from table tennis, acoustic guitar, photoshop/illustration to patent study and machine learning. A few weeks ago, my colleague had taught a class on data analysis. Our company, especially the marketing team, heavily relies on data. For example, LTV(the value of a user’s lifetime use of the service), churn rate, retention level, etc. should be monitored and calculated in real time in order to spend the marketing cost at a reasonable range. Therefore, many of my co-workers and I had decided to take the class.

Data analysis requires a basic understanding and utilization of coding. Because it was my first time to learn how to code, I had a hard time understanding the logic and the use of the program. Because the class was organized like a real college course, my colleague had prepared a syllabus, a midterm, and a final exam. The more he covered new materials, I had felt worried if I should continue to take the class or not since there were exams to take.

Consequently, I had registered for free online courses, and reviewed course materials, read blogs, and asked friends who study computer science. In the end, I was able to pass this class and able to read codes and analyze data dashboards. This class was definitely a stepping stone for me to become a marketing expert, and I am glad that it has made me feel more confident to data science and statistics courses when I get back to school.

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