VivaTech | #2

As part of our program we attended an event called VivaTechnology. This program was a wonderland of technology from all over the world. Companies spanned from start-ups, who only had teams of 15 or less, to companies like Google, who are larger than life. Our program was there for the purpose of networking with the CEO’s and COO’s of start-up companies and learning more about how start-up companies get going. We also wanted to learn more about all these small companies; their visions for the future and how they were going to bring their ideas to life.


VivaTech was a 3-day long event where every corner I turned, I was either greeted by a robot, some a extravagant display of flashing lights and color, a new virtual reality device, or a speech by a company’s CEO. There was no way I was going to see it all. I began to feel a little bit overwhelmed with everything happening around me, but after talking to a few companies, I realized they were just as overwhelmed as I was.



One start-up I talked to for quite a while was called Klaxoon. Klaxoon’s main goal is to make collaboration within a company easier. They took me through a interactive demo of their product, I asked some questions to learn more about what they do, they let me squeeze a super obnoxious horn, and they even accepted that my french was very awful. Overall, a friendly staff and a fantastic product that many are currently benefiting from all over the world. Unfortunately they did not have a Paris office, otherwise I would have taken on another internship for them in a flash!

If you are interested in learning more about VivaTech, about the start-ups who were there, or would like to attend yourself next year, check out their website here.

This event takes place every year and I will never forget the experience I had there!

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