Advancing Ability | Blog #3

Throughout college, my identity has been like a piece of clay, constantly being molded and shaped into a different form. However, as I find myself towards the end of my college years, the piece of clay has become more perpetual, yet one aspect that I thought was fixed has become more flimsy this summer. That piece of flimsiness has been my ability. While flimsy may emit a negative connotation, my ability has been molded even stronger. This summer, I am quickly learning that I am capable of a whole lot more than I have ever imagined. Prior to my internship, I was unfamiliar with financial terms, ideas, and concepts. While my lack of knowledge was discouraging, I quickly learned to face adversity as a challenge, and show her that she really can’t phase me. As a result, I am constantly asking questions and attempting to be as sufficient as possible. For example, when one of my colleagues assigns me a task in Microsoft Excel, and I am unsure how to do a certain function – I google how to perform the certain task immediately. The internet is a great asset that some tend to undermine, when you don’t know how to do something, she is there to help. Additionally, I have been assigned to difficult projects regarding client services and relationship management that I had no prior experience to, yet I am facing these assignments as a learning opportunity and letting them enhance my ability, not diminish it.

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