An Exciting Challenge | #5

Perhaps the most challenging task I’ve faced during my internship is redesigning websites. I have zero experience with designing prior to this, so I was essentially going in blind. I was constantly asking the in-house designer how to navigate through the design platform the company used. Also, when I was told to make a wireframe of an email service that the company wanted to build, I had to figure out my way around the program used because the designer has never used the program before. However, my lack of experience and learning how to use the program myself are not something I am worried about. If anything, I am really excited for this opportunity to dwell into design. I have always been interested in website designing or even designing in general, and now that I am trusted to do it, I really want to do well in it.

Aside from designing, I also had a few difficulties in performing industry research, which involved finding lists of industry-specific contacts. Although this sounds like grunt work, this is where our clients come from, so it is important that I obtain their contact information. However, often times, people who seemed like potential contacts have missing contact information. Here was where my supervisor showed his tricks and tips in finding the missing information.

From these challenges I faced, I learned that the solution depends on my attitude towards my challenges. As long as I remain positive and excited against them, I will find a solution to them.

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