Blog 5: Cold Calls Can Be Cold

Cold calls are an everyday task at the job. They are not a glamorous part of work but they do help you become more confident and better on the phone. They have this effect until they don’t. Until you get yelled at on the phone. The other week I made the mistake of not taking someone off the call list and heard the wrath of my error.

A huge aspect of being part of a sales team is your ability to talk to costumers. It is important to keep the customers pleased so the image of your business stays positive. When someone you cold call if very displeased you are meant to talk them of the excel sheet and remove them from all lists. One does this in consideration of the customer. One day when I was in the office I called someone on the list and they told me “Please don’t call this number anymore, I am not interested.” After being told this I should I have marked off the number, but I forgot. I ended up calling this number again the next day. Due to my lack of consideration of not taking the number off the list the costumer was very displeased with me. They found it incredibly rude that I tried to call them again and gave me an ear full.  I felt defeated after this, it was hard to continue to make calls after this call. After collecting myself and created a system for myself so I would never have this issue again. As soon as I am off the phone I write down the name and number of the person who does not want to be called anymore and at the end of my call list I go to the computer and mark of the names. I do this before grabbing my next list of calls. If the people on the phone are upset with my call, I also make sure I hear them and are very polite as to keep the image of the company positive.

Overall this failure helped me. I was able to learn how to deal with irritated customers and remain calm, as to maintain the image of the company. With this obstacle I also found the importance of organization because if all my stuff was in order I would have crossed off the name from the calling list originally.

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