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I began my SURF fellowship with the STEL laboratory at the University of Michigan the first week of June.  I used the program orientation as an opportunity to be a leader among the students in the program visiting from other universities.  I joined a group of other fellows to plan activities that facilitate scientific collaboration and hopefully grow friendships with people from around the world.  So far, we have enjoyed many of Ann Arbor’s local treasures, namely the Taste of Ann Arbor and Shakespeare in the Arb.  Our daily obligations, however, require that we spend 40 hours a week working researching through the department of physiology.  While we are learning research techniques and direct applications of the scientific method, we also have the opportunity to listen to weekly seminars from noteworthy researchers here at the university on their research and their journeys to becoming the scientists they are today.  While I don’t have a particularly strong interest in pursuing research as a career, many of these presenters are physicians   (my career choice).  One thing they all have in common in their presentation is that they acknowledge each and every mentor that helped them along the way.  One thing I have lacked in my development as a medical scientist is a mentor.  While I have taken this step to work under someone with extensive knowledge, I recognize that I have to be proactive and ask as many questions as I can to get the best experience and education out of this opportunity as possible.  Every day I try harder to ask more questions and discover more about

Below is the link to my lab’s website.  Next post I will talk more about my research and day to day work.



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