Blog Post #4 – Non-Stop

Learning how to properly operate in an office environment comes down to a two factor gauge of your assimilation: can you do the job, and can you fit into the company. Now obviously there are more factors that people can pull out but this is how I like to gauge it. I found out early on that the work I was doing was in my wheel house. Working with social media applications and auditing businesses to provide support in effective communications is something I am surprisingly adept at.

Which leaves the second factor. For me, fitting into places is a wash. Half the time my personality does not mesh with the environment I am in, being relatively reserved and not super talkative in general. The other half of the time I am cracking jokes and being the life of the party. And I feel like a part of my personality here is somewhat of a wash as well. My co-workers have been nothing but welcoming, and there is definitely a comradery in the office. But I feel as though this week I have certainly started to mesh more with my co-workers in terms of actual personality sharing and joking natures (almost just in time to leave too). This was a welcome addition, as having this environment in an office makes everyone happier since the office space can be stressful after a while.

I think this is a good experiment in how I will approach future office environments as well. I want to make sure the job itself is sorted out, getting comfortable with my responsibilities, and then figuring out the social environment to make the office space as friendly as possible. I feel like people do not normally think about these kind of things when they are starting a new job, but it is definitely something that has been present, and one of the biggest parts of my interning experience.

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