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In 1938, the late Alfred Butts created one of the most popular board games of the century. The game was called “Scrabble” and it quickly became a hit amoung America’s spellers.

Recently, our office at work started playing Scrabble as a way to get to know each other through the friendly competition. And, as we’ve continued to play together over lunch or breaks, I’ve gotten a chance to do just that. And I’ve really enjoyed learning more about my fellow office workers as a result.

In doing this, I realized that Scrabble for us is more than just the best board game in history (s/o to my man Alfred Butts), it’s a way to connect. Because it’s not the work or the job that make the experience a special one. It’s the people. So, I’m going to keep playing Scrabble (I’m on a two game winning streak), and I look forward to not only beating my fellow office workers, but connecting with them a bit too.

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