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With only four weeks left in my internship, I have begun to reflect on all of the lessons that I have learned from my time at MCORRP. From building strong mentor relationships to taking a holistic approach to work, MCORRP has taught me multiple professional skills that I will carry onto my next internship and future career aspirations. One of the most impactful lessons that I have gained from this experience is how to be an effective leader and how there are different forms of being a leader.

Having always been a more shy, quiet person my leadership style is quite unconventional. My tactics are to allow others to speak first, to hear their ideas, and then refine each idea by proposing modifications the to remedy any fallacies I identify. From this step, I tend to walk the team through steps that I envision we can utilize to reach the refined goal. As a passive but then active leader, my style can sometimes be a hindrance too if I don’t gain the opportunity to speak.

At MCORRP, there are multiple types of leaders. There are the leaders who enjoy bringing the group together and maintaining cohesion between members by sparking conversation during downtime. There are the leaders who ensure that everyone is working on their project and will lend a hand to help people abstract the correct patient data if they become stuck with an unrecognized adverse event. There are the leaders who help people gain confidence in their public speaking skills through being an audience member in rehearsals and provide feedback. There are the people who will always out of their way to pick up coworkers who don’t have transportation and make sure that they have the opportunity to go to work that day. The variety of leaders seen in the office has made me more appreciative of the different skillsets and personalities that are present in MCORRP. As a result, I have begun to strive towards building each of those qualities of compassion, big-picture thinking, and active mentorship.

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