Insightful Interview #1

As said before, two important aspects of an internship are networking and getting to know your colleagues; be personable! I love hearing my colleagues’ past career experiences because 1. it is interesting to me and 2. it helps me prepare for my future career path. I was especially fascinated when learning about my interviewee who heads digital marketing here at Roc Nation. I decided to interview this individual as he works in a higher position at Roc, a company I am definitely interested in, and he also shares similar interests to me. Passionate about music, this leader has been working in the field since high school. He has gained experience through Chesky Records, ABKCO Music & Records, VP Records, and Roc Nation. He even let me in on the pros and cons of the music industry! On a positive note, it leads a fun lifestyle, attending events and shows and you get to work around people with the same passion you have. On the other side, it can consume your life. He noted that it is sometimes difficult to balance work with his out-of-work life. One question I asked was “What do you think the most essential quality someone in the music/marketing industry must have? His response was that you must have an aggressive work ethic and thick skin to deal with the BS- as there is some in every industry. He further said that you should always have a positive outlook, even in the stressful moments. This happens to be something I live by. Additionally, this insightful individual provided me with advice for when it comes time for me to apply for my first “real world” job. I’ll share it with all of you:

  • Make sure your resume and cover letter are adapted to every job you apply for
  • Practice interview questions with a friend
  • Make sure everyone knows your potential and that you have a lot to offer

It is so important to me to constantly grow and gain expertise in my work. I feel so fortunate for all that I have learned about this digital marketing leader. I plan to use all of his answers and advice starting… now!

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  • July 21, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    To his last point of making sure that everyone knows your potential – Informational interviews are a great way to get on someone’s radar. For you, the opportunity to connect with the digital marketing lead is a huge opportunity!


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