Michelle, the Mentor | #2

So far in my internship, I have found a really amazing mentor in the form of Sadlier’s VP of Research and Development, Michelle. Michelle is consistently cheerful, ambitious, hardworking, optimistic, and caring.

Michelle is a great mentor and I am incredibly lucky that I work directly beneath her. Every morning she makes sure to stop by my desk to say ‘hello’ and ask if I would like to go grab a coffee with her. Just these little actions daily make sure that I feel recognized and that we can check in and make sure there’s no problems and everything’s running smoothly.

Michelle is extremely passionate about her work in Research and Development and is always positive when it comes to taking on new challenges and developing projects. Whenever faced with problems, she seeks help from those around her while also making sure that she understands what is going on so that she can better solve that problem in the future. One of the greatest qualities I’ve found so far is that she isn’t afraid to ask questions when getting projects done and is more than determined to improve in her weaker areas. It’s refreshing to see someone in a leadership position that admits that they aren’t strong in all areas and are willing to improve.

Otherwise, I’ve been interacting a lot with the other intern I’m supervising as well as colleagues in both the Marketing and Research and Development departments. Overall, I’ve found that everyone who works here is super friendly and I am extremely close to knowing who everyone who works on the 7th floor.

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