Pro Day | #2

xciOne of the most surprising things I have learned about interning in the Senate has been the power of an ID badge. At the start of the internship, every intern is given a green ID badge that lets people know that they are “staffers” for an office on the Hill. Well, the title of ‘intern’ usually dilutes the power of ‘name-drop’ that an ID provides, but in the case of the Hill, it seems that few things are impossible as long as you show the Man your badge. Want to go to the Senate gallery? Show the badge. Getting on the capital subway? Show the badge. Even when attending the Capital’s fourth of July concert, feel free to walk past half a dozen security checkpoints as long as you flash the Man your badge.

My favorite project so far has been some opposition research on an upcoming nominee that will be having a hearing before a committee Senator Franken sits on. I’m not sure I can discuss who the person is, and I certainly won’t talk about what we’ve been looking into, but the research one of my intern colleagues and I have done has been incredibly interesting. Stalking the web with intention of digging up some dirt is pretty exciting and motivating in an interesting kind of way. I hope going forward I get to do more projects like this.

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