Settling in | #6

I can’t believe it has been more than a month since I began working at Admiral Insurance! The constant flow of work and fun has kept my mind well occupied, and it has been difficult to take a step back and reflect on my experience from a professional development standpoint.


Always reppin’ Michigan — even in Cardiff!


One aspect of my internship that has surprised me is the hands-off approach of my manager, and how he has let me create a path for my own projects. My first task — retooling one of Admiral’s webpages to increase visibility — took me nearly two weeks to complete. Despite the importance and scale of this work, my manager always seemed to trust me to not only complete my task, but produce high quality work.


Last week’s “Away Day” at a local Bavarian-themed bar reflects the company’s relaxed culture


This trusting approach was further demonstrated when it came time for me to tackle another large task. I wanted to leverage my computer programming skills to help the business in some way, so I devised a proposal and pitched it to my manager and other members of my team.


Though set up a day late (what else to expect abroad!), this was a nice July 4th gesture from my team


Considering I was a new intern just getting acquainted with the company, I was unsure how receptive they would be too me completing an original project. However, after realizing the value my work would bring, they were all for it. Considering I am the only member of the team with the skills to perform the project, it has been especially difficult when I attempt a new programming task. However, after leveraging Admiral’s handy “Buy A Book Scheme” (the company makes the purchase to boost your professional development) to dive deeply into the programming language I am using, I have grown both as a coder and problem-solver.


With my managers trust secured, I look forward to finalizing  this main project and reflecting further upon its completion!

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  • July 14, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Jared, that sounds so exciting to see your ideas come to fruition! I’m glad your supervisor is supportive and trusting of you, although at times it might feel quite different from classes. Nice job taking advantage of the professional development program!


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