Surrounded by Greatness | Blog Post 2

It’s been one week since my first post and the internship is still providing me with a new found understanding and passion for science. Through spending countless hours in the lab, my relationship with fellow researchers has deepened and with that comes enriching conversation. Currently, I am the only undergraduate present so my coworkers consist of PhDs in their respected fields. Needless to say, there is a tremendous amount of expertise and wisdom that they provide.

I’ll admit it, at times I fall in to the pre-med stereotype and solely consider MD as the one career path to pursue. Lately, however, my fellow researchers have been consistently swaying me to pursue a PhD in the future. There are certainly benefits to doctoral research: great people, long lasting benefits to society, and let’s not forget about funding. Now, I may have three more years as an undergrad but this is a path that starts now. Thus, the question arose, should I focus my pursuit for a title as a PhD or MD? To this, a graduate student responded, “Why not consider MD-PhD?” And ever since that moment, I cannot seem to get the thought out of my mind. This could truly be the path I pursue and would not have been the case without the mentoring of those in the lab. Being surrounded by greatness has instilled a drive for greatness for my future, potentially a future in research.

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  • July 14, 2017 at 2:20 am

    Thanks for sharing, Eric! Really cool that your internship has reaffirmed your passion for science. I imagine you learn so much from working with PhDs all day, in your desired field. An MD-PhD certainly sounds like an exciting opportunity; I doubt you could go wrong with either, let alone both.


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