Uber, fares, and the gig-economy



With reluctance (but much excitement) I am spending my summer months here in Ann Arbor.  I have the rare opportunity to continue a research project past the school year into the summer months. The topic, Uber drivers and their interaction in the gig-economy, is exciting cutting-edge stuff. Many people hear “gig-economy” and have zero idea what I am referring to. Gig-economy encompasses people who do not work for a formal organization and make steady pay. Writers, artist, and consultants are all traditional members of this group, but with evolving technology more and more low skilled laborers are entering the job market. They are doing all sorts of work from driving with Uber, building furniture on Task Rabbit, or renting property with Airbnb. During the school year I helped conduct, organize, and synthesis over 60 interviews of Drivers from around the nation. I am excited to see what the summer months hold!

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