Week 1 reflection. Goals / Gwydion Inc. CJ Na

When I first came to Gwydion, my first goal was clear. I wanted to be accepted to the team, and be able to make meaningful contribution to the group! But it wasn’t going as good as I thought when it started. When I got there, there was a lack of leadership and fragmentation among the team. Both founders left for the vacation and wasn’t there, and they didn’t give us the specific direction for jobs. Also, most of the work that was progressing was website based, where my expertise was Unity development side. So for the first week, I was sitting in the office just learning basic javascript and CSS, which was way below level to be helpful to the team. So after the mid half of the week, I asked the lead developer hootan to let me focus on the Unity development, and we struck a deal. He realized my programming background was not as great as other interns who were reaching senior year. After talking to him, I could get back to my comfortable job of dealing with Unity. But it wasn’t a easy job at the same time. I had to go through all the code of our previous project because when the founders come back we had to migrate the whole project to the system. Also there were several art team and two or three unity developers present at that time, so we had to figure out the way to share files. I suggested using the Unity Collab which was built-in feature from Unity, and hootan suggested using git source control. For a while, we used both git and unity collab but both of them had some technical issues like reverting and now we are just using unity collab and this was one of my first achievement(?) in the company.

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