Week 2 Work Culture / Gwydion Inc. CJ Na

The work Culture of Gwydion Inc is special. Since we are budding start-up people sometimes would imagine it would be a total chaos, imagine as if everyone does whatever they feel like. It is half true but half false. Interestingly, our company has the subtle division of work which can be easily intertwined when necessary, but all of us had specialties of work and we all helped each other when that specific field of work was necessary. For an example, I and Duncan the founder were the Unity guy, who mostly deals with adding new features or debugging app development, while hootan and Brendan, are server guys, who deal without conversion server and our Firebase database server, creating the build script and making the conversion server more robust. Jun and Michel are Web developers who focus on the web side of work. But server, the web, and app are all intertwined so we are destined to help each other on the thing that we need to help. Interestingly, I was “assigned” the specialty from Duncan as well. He asked me to debug the whole AR system in our app and asked me to be able to work with AR situation. Just like this, Gwydion delegates its participant certain responsibility, and when something related to that is a causing issue, that guy is responsible and is a person to go to. For an example, when we had a demonstration at tech-arb, I was the guy everyone would ask when their AR-build is broken or something is wrong. I fixed AR-build at that place and modified some features that were not working at demonstration moment.

I personally love this work culture. It is delegating each participant a responsibility and at the same time the power related to that field of work. It felt really nice to be able to help other team members and to be looked up when there was an issue going on. And I think my employers also enjoy this environment of making all of its workers responsible for certain work, to be able to focus more hard.

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