We’re Halfway There!

Working in the Michigan Cancer Center has a lot of perks as well as plenty of responsibilities. Some of the perks would be the knowledge I am gaining, the relationships I am building, and the feeling of knowing how much I am contributing. It is not all fun and games though. I have to spend many hours in the lab to keep an eye on the cells I am culturing. Sometimes all the hours I put in are worth it because the cells do end up reproducing, so they are used for future tests. Other times, the cells refuse to reproduce or sneaky bacteria makes its way into the cell dish and marks that patch useless. When that happens, it can very frustrating because I spend almost all of my day there and at the end of that day, my work is useless. That is where my PI comes in to reassure me that is what research is all about. It has its rewarding days, as well as its bad days. It has happened before where countless tests result in nothing, but we need to continue being patient and realize where our mistakes happened. I feel comfortable discussing my failures and successes with my lab colleagues now. We have all gotten to learn about each other in the past month. Because many of the students in the lab are graduate students, I often ask them about grad school and what it is like. They have given me much advice and resources for grad school that I am beginning to consider applying for it next summer. My first month working in the lab has been great; I am excited to see what next month holds, especially since I will be presenting in the symposium.

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