9| Data & Time

Although we’re now on the last chunk of our project here (data collection) it is by far the most time-consuming and detail-oriented step out of all the one’s we’ve completed thus far. Even though we have a few weeks yet, it almost doesn’t feel like enough time for all we have to do! I have confidence that we’ll make it, though, and I think making the final push to completion will feel very rewarding.

One aspect of this step I think is very useful is that I’ll have to brush up on some of my stats knowledge to extract data on the statistical analyses performed in the papers we’re looking at. I’m hoping I’ll not only remind myself of things I’ve already learned in stats, but also learn some new things and build a more nuanced knowledge base for such analyses. Stats has been one of the very few math subjects I’ve actively enjoyed learning and using; it’s incredibly important and useful stuff to know, especially in a world that uses polls, surveys, and statistical measures to describe nearly everything. Cliche though it is, I enjoy a math that has real world application and hope that this step in our study will make my stats knowledge a little more robust going forward.

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