A Summer in Good Hands #1

After a chaotic fall semester of completing a heavy course load, filling out endless documents for visas, and frantically searching for a summer job, it is crazy that I am finally sitting at my desk in Allstate’s home office, nearing the halfway mark of my internship! Prior to leaving for abroad, I knew I needed to find an internship beforehand so that I wouldn’t be halfway around the world and worrying about my impending summer employment. Still, I was unsure of where to begin. As I sat through syllabus week and repetitively scrambled to find an answer when asked about career aspirations during icebreaker activities, I took time to critically research different job roles and think about my future. I knew that I enjoyed both of my majors- Communication Studies and Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN), but was unsure of what type of position would allow me to utilize both of these interests.

Fast forward a few weeks and an email landed in my inbox about the emerging field of neuromarketing, the study of consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective responses to marketing stimuli. Right away, I knew this would be a great career option that would allow me to combine both of the skillsets gained through my majors. Prior to diving into this up and coming field, I decided it would be valuable to step back and gain a foundation of the root to neuromarketing- marketing.

With this new direction in mind, I immediately began searching for positions that would prepare me to be a competitive candidate in this field come post-grad. Like the majority of University of Michigan juniors, I attended career fairs, networked constantly, and applied for nationwide opportunities. Luckily, the hard work paid off, and in November I received a call detailing a job offer from Allstate’s Consumer Marketing department. Although I had little exposure to insurance or marketing, I was overjoyed to accept the position and excited to learn more.

Coming home from traveling to 14 countries in the span of four months, I was admittedly nervous to be “cooped up in a cubicle” or stuck staring at a computer all day. Within my first few days of work, I realized that this would definitely not be the case. My time at Allstate thus far has been fast paced, highly informative, and rewarding. I’m excited to share more about my position and internship experience in my upcoming posts!

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