Beginning of Internship Post #1

I was attracted to this internship because of my interest in broadcast, marketing, and business. Because I am a former Big Ten collegiate athlete, I had a great interest in sports. Since Im no longer playing sports, I thought it would be great to get on the other side of things, the behind the scenes part of it all that involves airing the sports on television. I was googling sports broadcast internships and Mark Silverman, a Michigan Alum and the President/CEO of the network came up. The fact that he is a Michigan alum and is in charge of such a large network furthered by interest in this network so I decided to apply. Another thing that drew me to this internship is the location in Chicago. Chicago is a bustling city with a lot of great events always taking place, and I knew that I wanted to be in a major city. It was a great fit for me. I was placed in the marketing department which was great because of my creative and innovative ideas. I also thought it would be great to get experience in a different field from my political science major. This was an internship I could not pass up. While I’m a few weeks into my internship, there haven’t really been any challenges at work that haven’t been minor or that I haven’t been able to get over with a quick fix which is great. If faced with a challenge, my supervisor really gives interns the space to figure out the issue which I like.

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