Blog 3. Cryospa Detroit

The company I am working with this summer is called Cryospa Detroit. It works with cryospa therapy. At first I thought it was meant just for athletes but what I’ve learned over the last two weeks is that its for just about anyone. Thats where diversity comes into play, so far in my internship I’ve had the pleasure to meet a bunch of high profile athletes as well as just regular everyday people. Its been a great experience because I’ve had the chance to get to know some of these people that come in everyday and get to learn why they use cryospa therapy. I think what I’ve learned as in seeing or feeling in a different light on my identity is that no matter what all people are the same. I used to see professional athletes as gods but after getting to know a bunch of them i learned that there just regular people that are lucky enough to play a sport as a job. As for my personal identity change I think I’ve just had more of a business type mindset as my internship goes along. Everywhere I go to showcase our product I am always thinking of the best way to go about my pitch to try and sell the product and as many memberships as possible.

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  • July 14, 2017 at 3:35 pm

    Wow! tour internship comes with a lot of perks, its always exciting meeting high profile athletes. I’m glad your program is very diverse and that you have gained a more business type mindset! Best of luck with the rest of your internship


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