Blog Post #2 Surprises of a Mid Sized Firm

No matter what industry a person chooses to pursue they must consider the size of the company they want to work at whether it be a 5 person start up, or a 5,000 employee fortune 500 company.  After having spent some weeks at my company that ranks somewhere in between those two extremes I have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of hands on work I have been able to do on projects that have an impact on other interns, or perhaps even the CEO.

I think it is said often that working for a smaller company this is often the case, but I didn’t realize how powerful the interaction with upper management could be until I truly did it.  Besides gaining important skill sets useful for all sorts of work I have often gained mentors who are some of the best at what they do in their industry.  These mentors have shown me that running a business, or a set of businesses is much more than just reconciling numbers.  The day to day operations require them to be active problem solvers, and I believe working with them has bettered my abilities to troubleshoot a wide array of obstacles. This summer working small has made a big impact on me.

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