Broadway Dreams Atlanta – Keem Avraham Blog #1

Photographed by Vii Tanner (Elyakeem Avraham, University of Michigan, Nadia Williams, Millikin University)

Working with Broadway Dreams Atlanta has been absolutely incredible! I have already built a network that will take me directly into the field that I want to have a career in once I graduate. I hope to soon build a scholarship that directly links Broadway Dreams Foundation with University of Michigan. They have one set up with Millikin Univeristy and Point Park University, and I feel like University of Michigan should be next on that list. This organization is solely dedicated to providing opportunity for all people of all ages to be educated and to have experience.

Here is a photo of me performing in Hamilton in front of industry casting directors, producers, arts donors, and corporate partners and agencies. This piece was directed and choreographed by Ari Groover (Broadway and TV Actress).

Before entering this internship, I was bouncing around between possible careers. Being a dual degree student, it sometimes creates a thin line between what I am going to do with my life and it gets hard finding guidance on how to fuse my passions. Broadway Dreams has affirmed that it is possible and has given me the confidence boost to do arts policy and performance.

More to come! Next up, BROADWAY DREAMS NEW YORK CITY!!!

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