Hi everyone!!

My name is Leah and this summer I am interning for Osborn Neighborhood Alliance through the Detroit Community based research Program!

I intend to use the little knowledge I have of health and environment to help solve issues in the Osborne community dealing with Feeder schools. I intend to get involved with the residents of the community in order to understand what they need and want and what is best for the community. I also intend to use my researching skills that I have gained from UROP to learn more about feeder schools and public health problems  and to discover what I can do to help solve them.

My current perspective of Detroit is that Detroit is my hometown that I have watched grow and continue to grow all of my life. Detroit is a city with so much potential and I love the progress that I see though I acknowledge that more progress needs to be made in more important areas like education, neighborhoods, and crime prevention rather than just the downtown area for tourists. Yesterday I found out that one of my family’s favorite vegan restaurants in midtown was shutdown because the rent on the restaurant was raised (because of the popular location) and the restaurant owners weren’t able to afford the rent anymore. This made me upset because I loved that restaurant and it wasn’t fair for the owners to be priced out. Problems like this suggests that not all changes going on in Detroit is benefitting all of its people, especially the native Detroiters. I am excited to see what my perspective will be at the end of the DCBRP!

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