Informational Interview | #1

I connected with this individual because he is in a position one would start in right out of college in the sports management field. This way, I could get a preview of what could lie ahead of me if I decided to proceed into sports management. What I learned is that sports management is most likely not what I would like to pursue a career in. The pay is very bad and once you are in this field, especially with a sports management degree, it is very hard to find a job somewhere else. Also, over the course of this internship my interest in this field has diminished. While this makes my time here feel a little futile, it is good because I can fine-tune my interests. The person I interviewed expressed his disdain about his position and he warned me to not go into sports management unless I was certain this was what I wanted to do, which I wasn’t. Monetarily, he said there is no money to be made unless you rise through the ranks through years of work and become a CEO or a general manager of a sports team. My next semester at Michigan I will search harder to find what i want to do once I graduate.

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