Jetting Through A Mistake – Blog #3

With a little less than a month left of my internship, I cannot help but feel bittersweet. I cannot wait to return to Ann Arbor and incorporate all I have learned this summer into my Communications classes, however I am truly enjoying my time here in New York. I wake up and am actually excited to go to work (even though I am not a morning person). I have learned a great deal about advertising and sales, but also I have learned another key lesson. This lesson is to always handle situations in a thought out manner. Rather than panicking and impulsively acting when a mistake/unfortunate situation has come up, the best way to deal with it is to take a deep breath, think about logical solutions, and proceed in an agreeable manner.


I learned this through my first mistake here at my internship. I had been tasked with contacting various private helicopter and jet companies to do a barter with our company for an annual golf outing. After calling the marketing managers of these companies, I sent a follow up email explaining further what we were looking for and thanking them for their time. My first email was to a huge private jet company. I copied and pasted the text of the email and sent it to the other companies as well. What I was not careful to notice was that I accidentally did not change the name of the company from the first email to the rest of the emails. I had addressed all the companies by the company name of the first company. I received a reply from one of the other companies who asked me if the email was meant for them. This was when I realized my mistake. I was panicked, as I was writing on behalf of my boss. I thought I had messed up the possibility of my company entering a barter deal, but I instead regrouped and thought to myself what to do. I wrote back very pleasantly and honestly, saying that it had been a mistake and I had just used a template hastily. I apologize, but felt worried. Moments later I received a reply back from the company saying “no worries!,” and we proceeded to close a deal with them.

Many lessons were learned from this mistake. Thankfully, it did not have any real negative consequence on me or my position or my company. However, I have now learned that one can never be too careful. Double-checking always pays off.

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  • July 14, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    Wow! I have definitely made that sort of mistake. It’s great that you were able to recover from it and most importantly learn from it! Definitely relatable. Great job!!


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