Last Day Here| #5

When you finish your internship, take a moment to reflect on the impact of the experience.

As my internship came to an end, I was surprised by how sad I was. Usually, it’s more common for me to feel joy like, “YES! Finally, I’m free!”. But this time was totally different. I’ve come to enjoy this internship so much that I feel like I will truly miss this place and will always think of it whenever and wherever I  start my first job.

I think one of the reasons this internship has come so close to my heart is because of its warm, loving, and open-minded atmosphere. Because the staff is small (less than 20), everyone is close with one another like one big family. Employees are not just employees but friends both inside and outside of the workplace, truly caring for every individual working towards the success of the company.

Not only that, TULA truly cares about what people think. I’ve never felt so important in my life where full grown adults with so much more experience and expertise than me would give me all ears and respond with sincerity to my ideas or suggestions. And the amount they accept those ideas and actually implement them into their current business model not only boosts my confidence but encourages me that I can make a difference in the real world.

As for pure experience, working in both the fields of e-commerce and graphic design, I feel as though my knowledge and skills in these areas have developed exponentially throughout the time that I was here. Everyday, every project, every presentation was an appropriate challenge that pushed me just enough out of my comfort zone to grow. In addition, the trust and bond between the staff is so strong that everyone believes 100% everyone is responsible, diligent, and hardworking. Not once, was I reminded or even heard a reminder from one employee to another. Not once was someone late with their work. Not once was someone lazy. You have to really manage your time wisely to make sure everything is done correctly, efficiently, and effectively.

Overall, TULA has made me mature so much in the business world as well as just as a human being. TULA has changed my views on start-ups, that they aren’y just small businesses but a family of passionate workers who truly care for one another. In essence, I think this internship has convinced me to want to apply and work for a startup in the future!

TULA products: my favorites <3


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