Learning The Ropes | Blog #2

At the time of writing, I’m on the verge of completing my 3rd week of work, and 4th week of the internship overall. Time really does fly. Just today I was thinking about how much I’ve learned in one month of consulting; I’ve become really proficient at excel, never having to use a computer mouse. I know all the right questions to ask in meetings, and what is most important from a client call. I know how to ask for feedback, and honestly what it means to be a part of the workforce, and a participant in a city. I feel like I’ve learned as much in one month of work as I did in at least a full year of school.


When you first enter such a new environment, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, it’s easy to think you’ll never get the hang of it. But now, I look back at days where I spent as much as 16 hours in the office, and take pride in really putting in the effort to learn everything, and perform every analysis to the best of my ability. Feedback from all of my teammates has been positive, and I’m excited for what the next few weeks have in store. What excites me even more, is that I’ll know three to four times as much at the end of the summer, as I do now. There will be late nights and of course mistakes, but I look forward to the opportunity to learn more.


The image above is from my walk to work in the morning. I remember on my first day I stopped to take a good look at it; I recognized it from the cover of a Wilco album. This morning I actually took a picture!

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