New York City | #3

I am working in New York City. Coming here, having visited once before, I had this very detached idea of NYC. I mean, growing up, NYC was a place I wanted to go to, but never thought I would – actually – get to. To me, NYC was the city of big dreams and everyone here is a hotshot who knows what they’re doing. Their entire lives were sorted out. I got to see all the skyscrapers and iconic places, yet it still feels surreal. I often ask myself how I got here. NYC is different. It is like no other city on this continent, and arguably the world. Manhattan feels so large, but it’s quite small. Every store is neatly tucked between any number of other shops. The people here are incredibly diverse in every kind of differentiating characteristic. There are tons of people trying to get to different places, doing different things. Yet, it all works. Although the subway is not very pleasing, it all works. You can get pretty much anything your heart desires in this city. Nightlife goes until 4am. Unique shops line the streets. Food, great food everywhere you can see. Each neighborhood has its own characteristics. And even if this city is incredibly dirty and reeks, and feels incredibly depressing when it rains, I would like to return.

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