Starting My Big Hollywood Internship – #1

My internship is at Gorilla Flicks, a production company in Los Angeles owned by director Jeff Tremaine, known for the Jackass and Bad Grandpa films. The company is small and the internship focuses on learning the duties of an executive assistant, who works closely with the producers in charge.

A lot of the what goes on at the internship is answering phones, rolling calls, going on runs for office supplies, getting coffee, getting lunch, doing personal things for the executives, and so on. We need to keep the office stocked and tidy and greet people at the door. However, on the off-chance that a script is submitted to the company, the I’m able to read it and write coverage (which basically tells me boss if it is worth checking out or not). We’ve also been able to give some input on a major project going on at the company, which was a really neat opportunity.

I accepted the internship at Gorilla Flicks because I wanted an internship that would introduce me to LA, teach me how the film industry works, give me the opportunity to make professional connections and learn the do’s and don’ts of applying for an entry level job at a production company.

Outside of Gorilla Flicks, there is also a great opportunity in the speaker series set up by the department of Screen Arts & Cultures. Once a week, we meet with a speaker from a different part of the industry for a free dinner and a two-hour questions and answers session. This has been a great way to hear all sorts of perspectives on where the industry is headed, advice for finding our way to the career we want, and also to hear what the day-to-day life is like in several different jobs. I think the speaker series is the perfect complement to a summer internship at a production company because it ensures that you hear different perspectives and that your perception of the industry isn’t colored by just one job.

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