Surprising Experiences #1

Working in a lab one of the most active research campuses in the country is quite an eye opening experience. The most surprising thing i found out while in the la is how social the lab is. Labs are cooperative and not cutoff from other labs. In one room there may be 2 or 3 different labs working side by side on different experiments but sharing each others technology. The setup of the lab also promotes social interaction and communication between lab members. There are almost no walls in between the different labs and their are shared rooms that is kept clean by collaborative efforts. I always knew that the scientific body shared information in hopes of advancing a common goal, but i never knew how connected everyone was. I am more used to the office buildings and and different companies or jobs being separated in different rooms, but this is a much more open environment. I must say I do enjoy this setting more than the cluttered and separated environment of conventional office buildings.Virus Concentration

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