An Introduction with Pictures: What’s My Purpose? #1

Organization; to do all the time-consuming tedious tasks that every owner of a small business needs to get to, but never seems to find the time to do. For example, the inevitable purging of the entire filing cabinet. During my first week of the internship, I was shredding invoices that were ten years old. Who needs those? It was chaos in there, though the intent of organization could be perceived. Sure, archive worthy material coalesced with daily operations, but at least they had their respective folders.

Social Media Manager; my favorite because I get to be a little creative and post pictures of our food.


The Kevin Bacon Burger.


Yeah, I’m interning at a restaurant and I’m a classics major.

How does that happen?

I’m just as confused.

Thanks for asking, imaginary persona! Over the course of the last six months, I have been studying abroad at the University of Oxford. Unfortunately, the program didn’t end until the middle of June, and I didn’t receive a fellowship for summer research to work on my senior year thesis, so I was left trying to find an internship that fit my needs. I was sure that I wanted to intern in an office because I have never had an administrative job before. I was fortunate enough to be able to reach out to my past employer, Lazybones Smokehouse, and ask them directly about setting up an internship.

*Shameless advertising ahead*

So, if you’re interning at a business in the Detroit metro area, feel free to contact Lazybones for some ridiculously good BBQ food for any of your catering needs! Also, follow us (me) on Instagram and Facebook!




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