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Connor Schram

Blog 3: Value of Diversity

ALA 225


The value of diversity, in background, ideology, and skill, is essential for a company to be successful. The workplace at Sharper Image embodies these important characteristics of diversity by bringing together many different business sectors together for a common goal. Within these business sectors are a wide array of people from different backgrounds. Sergei, for example, is a coder who is one of the driving forces of the IT department. He grew up in Russia but moved here some time ago. I had the opportunity to sit in a meeting with him and an Ex-Turkish basketball player, who the people in the office call AP. They are the lead developers who coordinate the IT department and work on the different sprints the executives set for them. Seeing the way these two important figures interacted together, and with me and my supervisor, offered fresh perspectives on problem solving and knowledge that I may not have been exposed to.


I personally do not believe that my thoughts or feelings on identities has changed, I only feel that I am being exposed to more people from different backgrounds. As someone who studies diversity in media industries and their structures of familiarity quite often, I found this environment to be quite refreshing.


Outside of this topic, I want to share a cool task I was given recently. Last week I had the opportunity to shadow the head graphic designers for the company and attend a product photo shoot with them. At the shoot I was asked to model some new Sharper Image arch supporting slippers that will be seen in the next catalog. Keep an eye out for my legs and feet!


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